Calibrated Opal Solids


Calibrated Opal Solids

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Size   Shape B-C A AAA
6x4 mm OV $1.25 $3.00 $12.00
7x5 mm OV 1.50 5.00 15.00
8x6 mm OV 2.25 7.50 22.50
9x7 mm OV 3.00 10.00 30.00
10x8 mm OV 6.00 16.50 50.00

                                         B-C Grade - These are usually used as replacement stones in inexpensive Sterling or 14K Jewelry -

                             White or Blue-Green Base Color with a small amount of color flashes.

A-Grade - White or Blue-Green Base Color with NICE bright color flashes.

                                Approximately the same grade as the #2 parcel in the "Opal Solids" List.

                      AAA-Grade - GEM Crystal Base with exquisite Blue-Green or Red Flashes predominating.


                                      We also have Rounds, Marquises, and Pearshapes in these three grades in the smaller sizes. CALL, WRITE, EMAIL for pricing.