Black Opal

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Natural Black Opal Solids - NOT Doublets or triplets - - from the Mintabie Region in Australia.

These are very lively, fiery, vibrant colors. True GEMSTONES in the strictest sense of the word.



Size Shape Approx. Weight Price Each
6x4 mm OV 0.30 cts $18.00
7x5 mm OV 0.50 cts 30.00
8x6 mm  OV 0.75 cts 45.00
6x4 mm PS 0.25 cts 15.00
7x5 mm PS 0.40 cts 24.00
8x5 mm PS 0.60 cts 36.00
6x3 mm MQ 0.15 cts 9.00
8x4 mm MQ 0.35 cts 21.00

OV = Oval PS = Pearshape   MQ = Marquise


Individual Gemstones (ONE OF A KIND)

Size   Shape Approx.
11.2x9.1 mm OV 1.95 cts 390.00 G-GNB
15.0x10.0 mm OV 2.30 cts 690.00 G-BGNH
14.0x8.0 mm OV 2.60 cts 260.00 BL-B
11.7x10.0 mm OV 3.73 cts 373.00 G-BGN
14.8x10.6 mm OV 5.02 cts 502.00 BL-B
14.4x11.3 mm OV 5.20 cts 520.00 BL-B
15.3x11.8 mm OV 6.39 cts 1,278.00 BL-B
28.5x22.5 mm OV 24.87 cts 4,974.00 G-GNBH
10.0x5.0 mm MQ 0.50 cts 50.00 G-RYGNB
9.5x5.2 mm PS 0.50 cts 50.00 G-BGN


G = Gray   B = Blue   R = Red Y = Yellow   GN = Green   BL = Black H = Exceptional Stones


OPAL, BLACK, OV, 0.50 cts, 7.0x5.0 mm - Gorgeous little Mintabie, Australia GEM with an intense Blue Green Broadflash pattern of color


OPAL, BLACK, OV, 0.70 cts, 7.0x5.0 mm - Lightning Ridge Gem with nearly every color of the rainbow present. This stone is finer than most you will find elsewhere priced at twice as much


OPAL, BLACK, OV, 0.80 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Mintabie Black Gem - Bright Blue Green Flashes - Nice $160/Stone  
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 0.90 cts, 9.0x7.0mm - Mintabie Dark Gray/Green Gem - Pinfire Flashes of Color $90/Stone  
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 1.00 cts, 9.0x7.0 mm - Mintabie Dark Gray base color with OUTSTANDING bright Red and Green flashes. The nicest one of these we have had in a LONG TIME .... WOW $300/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV,1.05 cts, 9.2x7.2 mm - Light Gray Beauty - Every Color of Rainbow Flashes - Beautiful - Exceptional $315/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 2.24 cts, 10.0x7.9 mm - Honey/Gray base "Ridge" Black Opal with extremely bright Red Orange Yellow Green FLASH - A super nice stone that is BARGAIN priced $448/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 2.62 cts, 10.0x8.2 mm - Another Gray BASE Color Mintabie Black Beauty - Blue Green - Mostly Blue Flashes - Increadibly Nice $524/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 2.70 cts, 11.0x9.0 mm - WOW - Bright Blue Green flashes on this gray base color GEM - A small flaw keeps this away from the $1,000 class - A good designer can cover this flaw and yield a fantastic piece - Steal it $540/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 5.43 cts, 14.9x10.4 mm - Lightning Ridge Gem with Blue/Green Fire on Dark Gray Black Base Color - Nice example from a rare Australian location - that historically produced some outstanding Opal  $810/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 24.87 cts, 28.0x22.5 mm - Gray Base color with OUTSTANDING "Brilliant" FLASHES of Blue and Green (mostly green) - This stone is AWESOME and will make a Gorgeous Pendant. Make us an offer if price is too high for you $4,974/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, OV, 34.36 cts, 26.5x20.3 mm - Honey Gray Base Color with full play of colors present - Red/Orange predominates - Probable Brazilian Gem from the 1970's - Will make an outrageous pendant for that special someone $6,872/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, MQ,0.97 cts, 13.0x6.5mm - Medium Gray/Black Mintabie Gem - Light Yellow/Green Flashes - Exceptional $77/Stone
OPAL, BLACK, MQ, 1.12cts, 12.0x6.0mm - Bright Green Flashes - A Beautiful Mintabie Gem $112/Stone


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